ESTA CfT Terms and Conditions


  1. Students who do not complete the course are still considered to be liable to pay the course fees in full.未能完成整个课程之学生仍需支付整个课程费用。
  2. Failure to make payment, including any administration charges, within 30 days of the due date, may lead to disqualification from the course.任何未能于限期到期前30天内付款,包括但不限于行政费用,或会引致取消学习资格。
  3. All course fees and other charges become due for payment once a student is formally accepted on to the course.所有学费及其他费用会于学生被确认取录后自动成为到期应付款项。
  4. Reimbursement of course fees for students failing to complete the course for any reason is at the discretion of the ESTA Foundation Certificate course panel.学生由于任何原因未能完成整个课程之学费发还申请 将由 ESTA 基本证书课程委员会全权决定。
  5. Attendance: full attendance is mandatory.考勤必须全勤
  6. Study: Full completion of all Units of study is mandatory in order to be eligible for the award of the ESTA Foundation Certificate for Teachers (piano).学习必须完成所有学习单元方有资格获取ESTA 教师基本证书课程(钢琴)
  7. Full engagement is paramount and attendance and adherence to deadlines is expected. Where serious illness, e.g. hospitalisation, prevents someone engaging with an event or assessment deadline, there are formalised mitigating circumstances procedures to follow.学员的全面参与,全勤及坚持至最后一刻是非常重要的。但若遇上严重不适,例如需入院治疗,阻止学员参与课程活动或评核,则有正式减免机制处理有关情况。

Equal opportunities: ESTA is committed to providing a learning environment that is wholly accessible and appropriate for all students accepted on to the course.

If for any reason the course is cancelled ESTA will refund the course fees in full.
如有任何原因导致 ESTA 取消本课程,ESTA 将会退回所有费用与学员。