ESTA CfT: Course topics

ESTA CfT: Course topics2018-09-28T15:15:46+00:00

On this unique course the following topics will be explored in an interactive way with teachers:

  • Early education and approaches to piano teaching Improvisation for beginners
  • Playing by ear
  • Creative teaching
  • Understanding Childhood Psychology
  • Preparation for examinations
  • Preparation for Viva Voce in teaching Diplomas
  • Playing the piano convincingly
  • Piano duets and their value
  • Developing memory skills as a pianist
  • G.6 to G.8 piano repertoire
  • The history of the piano and its development through the last 300 years
  • Developing good sight reading skills using the Paul Harris method
  • Motivating teenagers
  • Preparing students for competitions
  • Planning student concerts by a teacher
  • 20th Century piano music (Russian, French, American and English music)
  • Jazz (Blues, Ragtime and technique involved in Jazz performance)
  • An exploration of more advanced piano repertoire
  • Teaching Adults
  • Development of a secure finger technique (methods, etudes and physiology of piano playing)
  • Touch and Tone
  • Pedal techniques
  • The Holistic musician